Breweries rely on steam heating for a number of reasons — primarily for the Rice, Mash & Wort kettles and to produce hot water for CIP & brewing process. Steam is also required to keep solutions at the right temperatures and is used in washer & pasteurization heating for bottling plant. Choosing the right boiler is crucial to ensuring that you can meet production demands without wasting time or energy.


To realize functional and economical solutions, expertise from both worlds, refrigeration technology and the brewing process, is essential. PRODEB has decades of experience and our experts have the necessary technological expertise.

Experience in brewery refrigeration

Refrigeration plants are of central importance in a brewery. With about 40%, refrigeration is one of the largest electrical power consumers and refrigeration directly influences beer quality.

Extremely efficient :

To realize functional and economical solutions, expertise from both worlds, refrigeration technology and the brewing process, is essential. GEA has decades of experience and our experts have the necessary technological expertise.

We plan and construct refrigeration plants for any application in the brewing and malting industry, always with regard to the quality of the beer and optimum energy consumption

The final product is decisive; refrigeration is an essential tool. With integral tailor-made refrigeration management we ensure an optimum refrigeration cycle: The right refrigerating capacity at the right time in the right place. High economic efficiency is accompanied by maximum operational reliability and a long service life

Refrigeration is one of the most critical part of the brewery sector to maintain specific temperatures required in the brewing process. Refrigeration system with a glycol circuit assures temperatures control in the double-walled fermentation tanks, making of chilled water for the wort cooling process.

CO2 Recovery Plant :

Utilize the potential, save energy Besides an efficient cooling management, modern CO2 recovery plants are another important factor to ensure optimum product quality. Beyond that, this technology offers significant potential for cost savings and contributes to an ecologically responsible production.

As experts in their field, our customers are perfectly aware of how important the purity of the CO2 is for the quality of the final product. Even the least amount of residual oxygen in the carbon dioxide has a detrimental effect on the flavor stability of the beer.

The utilization of carbon dioxide from the own fermenters guarantees perfect quality control – an advantage that no other source can offer. With the stripping technology, even the CO2 from early fermentation phases can be recovered.

Our customers profit from our networked thinking also in CO2recovery: PRODEB ensures a perfect and seamless integration of the CO2 recovery plant into existing or planned energy supply systems. This results in an improved efficiency on the CO2 and refrigeration side of your plant and in reduced capital investment.

CO2 recovery plants from PRODEB offer convincing advantages: maximum purity, maximum operational reliability and low operating costs. CO2 Recovery Plant takes CO2 gas from the fermentation process passes through a series of purification processes namely - a stainless steel CO2 foam trap to separate the gas, A deodoriser . From the fermentation tanks the CO2 is first led to the foam separator. In this stage, the foam entrained from the fermentation tanks is separated.

Through low-pressure gas storage balloon the gas flows into the gas scrubber, where it is cleaned by counter flow of water. In the gas scrubber water-soluble impurities and aerosols are absorbed from the carbon dioxide.

Compressed Air Systems :

Compressed air systems are the third most important utility in breweries

  • To aerate wort, yeast, or water, in the form of dry, oil-free, sterile air
  • As a purge gas to displace CO2 from tanks prior to being cleaned in place (CIP) with caustic, in the form of oil-free, sterile air
  • To modulate valves in valve control operations, in the form of dry, oil-free air
  • As an energy carrier to drive air tools, in the form of dry air
  • As an energy carrier for the pneumatic transportation of solids, such as spent grains, whole malt, sugar, and filter media, in the form of oil-free, and where necessary, dry air

Water Treatment Plant (WTP) :

Clean water is arguably the key ingredient in beer making.


RO/DM Water is used for the Brewing Process for making Beer.

SOFT Water is used for the :

  • Process Cleaning in CIP process
  • Bottle Washer
  • Pasteurizer
  • Boiler feed water
  • Boiler feed water

FILTER Water is used for the :

  • General services
  • Floor Cleaning
  • Gardening

Effulent Treatment Plant (ETP) :

Effluent Treatment Plant is used to remove all the pollutants from brewery effluent it mainly consist of two streams, first from the residual substances from production such as Yeast, fermentation, kieselguhr filter. The second main stream of brewery waste water comes from the cleaning of Brew house vessels, fermentation and other process tanks and bottle washing..