PLC (programmable logic controller) based control system is employed by breweries in the areas of automation, information and control technology

Automation provide the following advantages:

Completely made of stainless steel consisting of:

  • Reduce labor costs
  • Better data collection and reporting
  • Batch-to-batch comparisons
  • Accurate material tracking and batch tracing
  • Manually collected data can be expensive and inaccurate
  • More consistent product quality
  • Reduced energy usage
  • Better control and yield
  • Reduced batch time by increasing equipment utilization
  • Monitor and record variable costs
  • Remote control and information available

Most Critical Measuring & Control Points:

  • Temperatures, Pressure, Level, Flow, DO, Control Valves
  • Raw materials supply
  • Quantities
  • Water quantities/qualities
  • Mash profile
  • Lauter tun cycle time
  • Brew kettle boil profile
  • Yeast temperatures
  • Yeast pitching
  • Fermentation temperature control
  • Batch records for data analysis