Centrifugal pumps are the workhorse of the brewing industry. These brewery pumps are capable of transferring large quantities of product in a short amount of time. They are typically used for CIP, transferring and filtration

brewery equipment


  • Output: 80 gal/min i.e. 300 lit /hr . and up
  • Pump head and cart constructed in stainless steel.
  • Special mechanical seal used for the brewing industry.
  • Pump supplied on wheels.
  • Pump motor can also be supplied in a stainless steel housing.
  • Several flow rates available.
  • Sanitary open impeller.
  • TRC fittings available: 1.5,2.3


  • Pump can be supplied with a freq. drive for variable speed control

PRODEB has introduced this new pump into the brewing industry with excellent results. The volumetric pump is perfectly suited for unloading a lauter ton and transferring the spent grain up to 85−90ft away (depending on motor size). The pump can run dry and does not require any special maintenance. Pump includes a large dumping trough for spent grain. Custom trough sizes are available.

microbrewery equipment


  • Output: 1-22 ton/h ie 1 m3/hr to 22 m3/hr and up.
  • Head Pressure: 7−25m.
  • Pump and Cart constructed in stainless steel.
  • Pump body machined internally to ensure the high head pressure.
  • Pump motor can also be supplied in a stainless steel housing.
  • Large loading hopper..
  • Product outlet cone: can be opened for inspection and cleaning; pre-set for compressed air.
  • Outlet bend with nose fitting.
  • Clamp type outlet coupling with bend.
  • Control panel.


  • Frequency drive speed variator.
  • Mechanical speed variator.
  • Various trough sizes.

Our stainless steel Lobe pump is suitable to work with beer primarily for bottling and filtration purposes. These types of brewing pumps are excellent for the brewer who is looking for a delicate pump that has a minimum amount of revolutions, while still providing high amounts of pressure

brewery equipment pumps


  • A prodeb designed pump.
  • Output: 31-102 gal/m (1,860-6,120 gal/h.).
  • Extra motorized cooling fan that will assure proper ventilation and cooling, even at a minimum speed.
  • Rubber airless casters
  • North American electronics assures easy availability of parts
  • TRC fittings available in three sizes: 1.5, 2 and 3
  • Stainless steel Lobes.
  • Remote unit with speed control.
  • ON/OFF and reverse (also from remote control)


  • Pump can be supplied with properly work with filling equipment.
  • By-pass..