Our Mash is now sent to the fermentation vessel to make the ‘Wash’ for distillation. Prodeb's fermentation vessels are un paralleled, making sure you have the best possible wash for your distillation. Our strict temperature control systems makes sure your ideal fermentation temperature never deviates. Our quality build is made to withstand any internal pressure during your fermentation. Our perfect seal prevents all outside contamination from entering. Our expertly fabricated inner walls with our mirror−like polish, type 8B prevents any microbial contamination from breeding in the crevices inside the vessel. All these factors sets Prodeb fermenters apart from all our competition.

fermentation equipment


  • 304 stainless steel, 2B finish
  • Conical bottom standard at 60 degree; other options are available
  • Fixed stainless steel legs and bases with adjustable legs
  • Large diameter legs; one of the largest in the industry
  • Preformed dimple cooling jackets within cladding
  • Shadowless manway standard
  • Stainless steel pressure/vacuum relief valve
  • Perlick sample valve
  • Shell and cone insulated and clad


  • Thermometer with well
  • Probe well
  • Sight gauge
  • Thermo−control bracket