Prodeb consultancy service provides a first time customer, the overall guidance required in setting up a restaurant brewery. Since in most of the cases, breweries are required to be set up within a restaurant operation, a prospective entrepreneur is required to operate two businesses within the same premises: a fully functioning restaurant and a microbrewery.

While a restaurant is required to comply with several licensing requirements of a public eating house, a brewery is technically a manufacturing unit − a mini factory producing beer for limited distribution.Several aspects that govern the functioning of both from infrastructure i.e. electrical, drainage, plumbing, manpower, inventory management, raw material storage etc needs to be carefully considered within the project.

Consultancy services with regard to the following is provided to the client:

  • Evaluating the proposed restaurant type and concept. Optional tie up with leading restaurant brands from India and abroad if required.
  • Providing documentation for obtaining appropriate licenses from Excise authorities, Pollution control board and other authorities.
  • Liaising with building structural engineers for structural reinforcement of the microbrewery area.
  • Raw water analysis and designing suitable water treatment unit.
  • Designing microbrewery site location for water supply, 440 Volts 3 phase electrical supply, malt storage, milling area, drainage, ETP.
  • Supervising civil works for microbrewery construction area of the above.
  • Validating brewery capacity, types of Beer.
  • Detailed CAD drawings of Brew Pub design and plan layout options. Customizing detailed plans for existing bar and restaurant.
  • Installation and Commissioning of all micro brewery equipment.
  • Conducting test brews, trials and training of your brewer.
  • Production training on different recipes with Belgium brew masters.
  • Special recipes for targeting various age groups along with unique recipes with fruits and chocolates.
  • Operation and maintenance of brewing equipments
  • Consistent supply of raw material sourced from Belgium or other Sources.
  • Annual service and maintenance procedure and support.
  • Providing regular inputs on upcoming beer types and concepts.
  • Creating, market strategy for your outlet.

ProdebĀ“s consultancy services offers guidance on the overall project development coordination with the selected architect, interior designer, project execution team, plumbing and electrical contractors of the complete project