Effluent Treatment Systems

Breweries and micro breweries use considerable amount of water to produce beer. Typically, four times the amount input water is used to produce one unit of potable beer. In other words, a significant amount of water is disposed of as waste water into the drainage system. The environmental impact assessment of this aspect therefore needs to be addressed. The Central and State Polution control boards have enacted regulatory compliances for the brewery and micro brewery industries.

Waste water generated from microbreweries contain large amounts of biochemical and biological elements which can impact the environmental balance of the water being disposed of in the municipal drainage system. Brewery effluents, among other parameters, are high on Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) , Chemical Oxygen Demand(COD) and Total Suspended Solids(TSS) ; all of which exceed permissible limits as prescribed by the Pollution control board.

The need for establishing an appropriate Effluent Treatment Plant is therefore a mandatory requirement. The Shivsu group have several years of experiences in this technology and have developed customized solutions through their years of experience in effluent water treatment. Some of our effluent treatment plants that are in use in heavy polluting industries such as the textile dyes and chemical industries, leather tanneries, sugar mills, and other heavy polluting industries.

A microbrewery will require an approval from the state pollution control board :

This approval is given in two parts: Consent to Establish: This is an application for establishing and setting up a microbrewery. Consent to Operate: The application form is the same however, this approval permits you to operate and run the micobrewery under the stipulations of the consent to establish. Your brewery will be inspected to determine if it has been established according to the permissions and stipulations given in the consent to establish.

Prodeb, have custom designed ETP units, depending on the size of the microbrewery, to treat brewing waste waters, to a level that is permissible for discharge into the municipal drainage. Our higher end ETP units are capable of treating waste water to a level which can be used for gardening, thereby maintaining zero discharge of waste water.

Where microbreweries are set up within restaurants as pub brewery, the design of incorporating an effective ETP is challenging; given the space constraints within the existing structure and premises. It is pertinent to note that the rate of discharge of effluents can impact the rate of production. A carefully designed ETP is therefore paramount to the overall design of the microbrewery equipment.

Plant design and equipment layout at the microbrewery site should take into consideration the installation of an ETP of a suitable capacity at their premise. Prodeb incorporates a suitable unit in the final stage of the beer production. This stage is a mandatory requirement instituted by the state Pollution Control Department.

For further information please see the pollution control requirements for each state.