The most important and backbone of your brewery. Prodeb brew house is the most advanced standardized brew house in stainless steel integrating all processes of brewing from GRIST hydration, Pre mashing, mashing, lautering, boiling and whirlpool into a single system.
Prodeb focus on high technology ensures minimum footprint with maximized efficiency and hygiene coupled with lowest cost of capital investment as well as operation and maintenance. Brew more beer with prodeb revolutionary brew house technology as it takes lesser time to complete your brewing cycle with ease.
The Prodeb Brew House is a brew Masters delight as it supports all his actions effortlessly to produce the best beers.


Advantages of Prodeb

  • Grist hydration on top of mashing tank.
  • Variable speed control in mash and lauter rake.
  • Multi step Mashing process control with PLC.
  • High quality certified SS304.
  • High quality internal and external welding and polishing.
  • Highest extraction of the malted grain.
  • Larger Lautering area.
  • Multi collection pot under false bottom of lauter.
  • Specialized Sparging nozzle.
  • Greater separation of unwanted proteins to forms a perfect trub in the whirlpool.

Prodeb Brewery Technology, Belgium knowledge of traditional beer making with cutting edge technology. This gives the client a high performance brewing system.

Sell more beer with Prodeb

  • Over 60 Brew Houses in less than 5 years..
  • One stop solution from planning to beer production..
  • One stop solution from planning to beer production..
  • High quality craftsmanship along with State of Art technology..
  • Produce infinite varieties and styles of beer including classic and contemporary styles..
  • CE certified..
  • ISO 9001 certified..
Pilot/HOME BREW Systems 2, 3, or 4 Vessel+

3 HL TO 10 HL Systems+